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Dean’s story

I started having classes with Sarah before, in a group. It was very good. You got all different people coming. Have a handshake, say hello to each other, have a little chit chat, have a little catch up. Then we got stuck in to reading and writing. The classes were very good cos everybody knew each other, and everybody was helping each other. When I moved, I carried on my lessons. Sarah’s been there and stuck by me. She’s helped me with my reading and writing. That’s why I stuck with reading and writing.

Getting better at reading and writing helps me in life. Sometimes it helps me understanding letters. Sometimes I can’t understand letters still. Sometimes I ask the staff. Sometimes it’s challenging, reading and writing, because you learn one day, the next day you might forget. I do feel that I’ve learnt something. I got certificates for my reading and writing so I know I achieved something.

With my homework, sometimes I think to myself ‘right, got nothing to do now…’ sit down, have a little mooch through then I look at what I have to do. That helps my mind and it helps me.

It’s not very easy to come across classes. I’ve always been in Sarah’s classes, but I don’t think I would go to other classes, cos once you get to know the teacher you want to stick by them. The teacher knows my standards, what level I’m on … the teacher gets to know you.

The class might get bigger. People have been asking staff about the English class and there’s some people who are interested. It helps me in life so other people might want to do that to help them in life, like the near future. Cos if they get their flat and they get a letter, they’ll understand.  If someone is thinking about having lessons, I say go for it.

In the future I’d like to get married, settle down and be happy. I can tell my future wife I’ve done a reading and writing course and the things that I can achieve. You never know, I might pass it on to the next generation.

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